Over 100,000 square feet in ten contiguous industrial buildings and two freestanding commercial buildings.  The twelve buildings that make up the complex range in readiness for occupancy and reuse.  

RENTAL STATUS: 40% Rented.  

There is ample room for a multitude of activities  in each and all categories. In addition, there are exciting outdoor spaces that showcase the Stony Kill waterfalls bordering the complex. There is potential for both an indoor and outdoor theater. There is space for an indoor and outdoor farmers market featuring local farm produce, value added products and prepared foods. Restaurants, cafes, tasting rooms, event spaces and taverns could enhance or be the main attraction of the destination. The entire complex could be the upstate campus of a downstate educational institution or be an independent educational facility of any type. There could be foundries ideal for artisans who are high energy use consumers, studios for theatrical scenery arts, visual artists, and sculptors who create large scale sculpture. And showrooms, galleries, museums, community workshops, work out and indoor sports centers, a gymnasium, a spa center… the possibilities are endless! And, in addition, there is beautiful private acreage on which to house those who would be privileged to work in or participate in the activities of this unique place. The development could be done in phases, all that is needed to start is a vision.

Columbia Falls Features:

100KW of Solar Panels
(value of over $400,000)

Currently has over $20,000 of electrical credit.

List of Buildings and Potential Uses:

Present Use: Clear span warehouse, insulated with spray foam, propane heating system, 50kW of solar photovoltaic panels on roof, two bathrooms and 2 office spaces.   Potential Use: Multi use space.   8,500 s.f.

Present Use: Clear span warehouse. Potential Use: Industrial Arts Studios 8,500 s.f.

Present Use: Warehouse. Potential Use: Studio/Production Space 11,000 s.f.


Present Use: Warehouse. Potential Use: Theatre   9,000 s.f.

Present Use: Warehouse.  Potential Use: Sculpture Space 3,350 s.f.


Present Use: Warehouse.  Potential Use: Cold Storage Space 5,400 s.f.

Present Use: Warehouse.  Potential Use: Woodworking/Industrial Art Space 20,000 s.f.

Present Use: Warehouse.  Potential Use: Restaurant/Tasting Room 3,500 s.f.

Present Use: Warehouse.  Potential Use: Catering/Event Space 7,500 s.f.


 Present Use: Insulated, heated & cooled office space.   Potential use: Artist Studios/Offices/Maker Spaces

Present Use: Roadfront 3 story warehouse with large concrete deck in back.  Potential Use: Brewpub with outdoor terrace overlooking waterfall.  4,800 s.f.



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